Join The Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony!

Selection in the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony is determined through auditions held each May for the following fall.

Each student auditioning for CYWS will need to complete an audition application form

2024 Audition Dates and Locations


All auditions are held in person. Pick one of the above audition dates and arrive any time between 4pm and 8pm. There are no scheduled appointment times. Come at the time that works best for you. Signs will be posted on entrance doors to direct you where to go. 

Students should play a piece or pieces that show off their best playing. Your solo should include both technical and lyrical elements. A selection from solo and ensemble would be an acceptable audition piece.


Woodwind/Brass: Prepared solo with contrasting sections/movements (fast/technical & slow/lyrical)

Percussion: Snare drum solo, mallet instrument (marimba or xylophone preferred), and timpani solo of your choice. 

ALL STUDENTS: OMEA Class A or B solo or equivalent is recommended.  Please avoid playing selections from school band repertoire.  If suggestions are needed, students should contact their private teacher.