Frequently Asked Questions

How do I audition for CYWS?

Auditions are held in May for the fall of the next season. There will be many sites scheduled across the Greater Cleveland area where open auditions will take place. Please check our website for the schedule of audition sites. If you are interested in joining CYWS after auditions have taken place, you may email cyws.staff@gmail.com to request an audition.  

What should I prepare for my audition?

Students should play a piece or pieces that show off their best playing. Your solo should include both technical and lyrical elements. A selection from solo and ensemble (OMEA Class A or B) would be an acceptable audition piece.

What are the requirements for being a member of CYWS? 

All members of CYWS are required to maintain full participation in their school instrumental music program. School music program commitments always take priority and precedence over CYWS events. CYWS members must also take private music lessons on their primary instrument. If you are not currently taking private lessons, ask your school band director for a recommendation. Email us at cyws.staff@gmail.com if you have specific questions.

My child is involved in sports and/or other extracurricular activities. What if I need to miss a CYWS rehearsal? 

CYWS members are permitted two absences per semester. These include absences for ACT/SAT tests, college visitations, sports events, other school events, non-school music events, etc. CYWS members are always excused from rehearsal for school music obligations. If you have specific questions about the attendance requirement, please email us at cyws.staff@gmail.com

When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals are held most Saturday mornings from the end of August through the beginning of May. In partnership with Cleveland State University, we rehearse at Cleveland State University School of Music from 9am-11am each Saturday. CYWS does not rehearse the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and has scheduled winter and spring breaks with no rehearsals.

Cleveland State University Music and Communication Building is located at 2001 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44115

What is the difference between the two groups?

CYWS Group I is the most advanced group. Group I performs Grade 4-5 advanced high school and college level repertoire. The age range of Group I is normally Sophomore to Seniors. Group II's age range is typically 8th Grade to Junior, and plays Grade 3-4 pieces. Both groups perform music that represents the best quality repertoire composed for wind band.

How do I know if rehearsal is cancelled due to inclement weather?

If Cleveland State University is closed, rehearsal will be cancelled. We will also send out a Remind text and an email blast ASAP. A banner will be posted across the home page of this website. If rehearsal is not cancelled, you should plan ahead and leave early to arrive on time. Use your best judgement if it is not safe in your area, and email us if you aren't able to make it.

When and where is the next CYWS trip?

Information coming soon.

When and where does CYWS perform?

We perform in Severance Music Center's Mandel Concert Hall, Waetjin Auditorium at CSU, and other local venues throughout Northeast Ohio.

What are the costs?

Tuition for the year is $550.  Email us at cyws.staff@gmail.com for more information.